2022 Invitees

Confirmed celebrities will be listed closer to the event.
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Marcus Allen.jpg

Marcus Allen

Heisman, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Los Angeles Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl XVIII Champ/MVP

eric crouch.jpg

Eric Crouch

Heisman, St. Louis Rams, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs

Tony Dorsett.jpg

Tony Dorsett

Heisman, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos

doug flutie.jpg

Doug Flutie

Heisman, New Jersey Generals, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers

eddie george.jpg

Coach Eddie George

Heisman, Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans

archie griffin.jpg

Archie Griffin

Heisman 2x, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Bulls

cam newton.jpg

Cam Newton

Heisman, Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots

johnny rodgers.jpg

Johnny Rodgers

Heisman, Montreal Alouettes, San Diego Chargers

mike rozier.jpg

Mike Rozier

Heisman, Pittsburgh Maulers, Jacksonville Bulls, Houston Oilers, Atlanta Falcons

steve spurrier.jpg

Coach Steve Spurrier

Heisman, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 7X SEC Coach of the Year, 6X SEC Champion, 8X SEC Eastern Division Champion, 2X ACC Coach of the Year, SEC Player of the Year


Herschel Walker

Heisman, New Jersey Generals, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants

andre ware.jpg

Andre Ware

Heisman, Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Ottawa Rough Riders

hugh green.jpg

Hugh Green

NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, 

rickey jackson.jpg

Rickey Jackson

Pro Football Hall of Fame, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIX Champ, Pro Football Hall of Fame

mark may.jpg

Mark May

NFL, Washington Team, San Diego Chargers, Phoenix Cardinals, 2X Super Bowl XVII and XXII Champ

eddie meyers.jpg

Eddie Meyers

NFL, Atlanta Falcons, Navy

lt taylor.jpg

Lawrence "LT" Taylor

Pro Football Hall of Fame, New York Giants, 2X Super Bowl XXI and XXV Champ

Dalton Hilliard_edited.jpg

Dalton Hilliard

NFL, New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame, Louisiana Saints Hall of Fame

jim wilks.jpg

Jim Wilks

NFL, New Orleans Saints

al wood.jpg

Al Wood

NBA, Atlanta Hawks, San Diego Clippers, Dallas Mavericks


Larry Holmes

World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, International Boxing Hall of Famer