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Our Mission

 To provide financial assistance and support to first generation college students
and community based youth programs.

George Rogers Foundation was founded with a mission to provide financial assistance to first generation college students.

George, a first generation college graduate, wanted to provide the same opportunity for others in the South Carolina community. 

Since then, the foundation has supported local youth organizations and provided scholarships to former University of South Carolina athletes. 

Within the past six years alone, the foundation has given a quarter of a million dollars in financial assistance to students and the community and is striving to double our financial assistance over the next five.

Please continue to help us realize our vision of promoting higher education.

2019 Auction and Gala

We welcome the help of corporate partnerships and volunteers.
today for information on how to get involved.

31st Annual George Rogers Foundation Golf and Gala1003
Scholarship Recipients
31st Annual George Rogers Foundation Golf and Gala1018
Scholarship Recipients
31st Annual George Rogers Foundation Golf and Gala1011
Scholarship Recipients
Scholarship Recipients

George Rogers Foundation of the Carolinas, Inc. does not discriminate against any applicant based on race, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities, or any other characteristics protected by applicable laws. Additionally, George Rogers Foundation will not tolerate harassment or discrimination of the above-mentioned characteristics or of any kind.

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